About the PowerPC Mac Liberation Army!

About the PPCMLA!

The PowerPC MLA is dedicated to rescuing PowerPC-based Macs from the ravages of negligence, abandonment, and maltreatment at the hands of users who do not recognize the value or potential of the PowerPC Macintosh platform. Formed out of the 68k MLA at the end of 2006, the PPC MLA came into existence just as the last production run of PowerPC Macs was coming to an end. With goals similar to those of the 68k MLA (our comrades in arms), the PPC MLA seeks to restore and put to use PowerPC Macs that would otherwise be considered obsolete.  In short (very short), the PowerPC MLA is a loose confederation of individuals, Mac enthusiasts all, who don't believe that PowerPC Macs have outlived their usefulness. There are no entrance requirements to be a member of this group beyond holding an affinity for PowerPC Macs.

Why PowerPC? Aren't Intel Macs faster?
Sure, Intel Macs are faster. And, yes, it's true that no PowerPC Mac will ever again be the fastest personal computer on the planet. But the PowerPC processor is still a fine architecture for many uses. PowerPC Macs have a certain quality that Intel Macs will never have. And for those of us who Think Different, the PowerPC is where it's at!

What about the 68kMLA? Are you the same people?
While it's true that many of our users are members of both communities, the PPCMLA and 68kMLA are not officially associated. That being said, we encourage PPCMLA users to read the 68kMLA FAQ and follow those guidelines when liberating PowerPC Macs. And while you're doing that, join the 68kMLA, too!

What is a "liberation?"
A "liberation" is any PowerPC Mac, compatible software disk, or peripheral rescued from obsolecence, the junk heap, or certain death at the hands of the enemy. Liberations commonly occur on the curbside the night before trash collection, in the closet at work, and in dark alleys behind the local educational establishment. To fully qualify as a liberation, no cash may change hands and the item liberated must have been diverted from destruction.

What is a "recruit?"
In contrast with liberations, "recruits" are any PowerPC Macs obtained through other means including as gifts from loved ones and purchases.

So just who are you all, anyway?
The PPCMLA was founded by alk of 68kMLA and AppleFritter fame. Most of the other soldiers are also members of the 68kMLA or AppleFritter among other online Macintosh oriented sites.

How do I join?
Just sign up for the forum!

Who's in charge here?
If you have any complaints, it's best to send them to trash@your.desktop. Otherwise, questions can be directed to ppcmla@alksoft.com.

Vive le PowerPC!

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